An Australian colloquialism for a woman, now reclaimed with more strength than ever.

A name, a movement and a way: SHEILA is for every woman who longs to live life to the fullest, who catches waves and calls BS, who knows her story, and her worth, her way.

SHEILA is swimwear made for the woman of the moment. Hint: that’s you.


“SHEILA was born in 2023 after I went searching high and low for a pair of luxe, sustainable, and versatile swim shorts. Spoiler alert: they were nowhere to be found.

Wading through a sea of narrow sizing and less-than-thoughtful designs, I knew it was time for change. Given my own battle with melanoma back in 2011, ensuring our creations featured UPF 50+ rated fabric became an absolute non-negotiable. It was vital this brand not only redefine style but also offer essential protection.

SHEILA swimwear is crafted for confidence, so you feel effortlessly free to move, swim, surf, brunch, hike and go — wherever the day takes you. No matter your shape, size, style, or story, there’s always something for you at SHEILA.

Fast forward to now: we've introduced four colourways, eight styles and counting, an extensive range of sizes, and infinite opportunities to make waves. It’s safe to say I am incredibly proud of this brand and what it stands for.

I hope you enjoy our SHEILA pieces as much as we did creating them for you. 

For now, it’s time to meet your new swim staples. Style, substance and comfort with no strings attached — that’s SHEILA.”

- Clare Barrins, Founder



Let go of anything that holds you back. Like swimwear you don’t feel your best in — the kind that leaves you sitting on the sidelines, when really, you could be plunging into the blue.


We create ripples, not footprints.

At SHEILA, we believe that protecting our oceans is just as important as swimming in them. That's why we aim to reduce waste and minimise our footprint in every aspect of our business, from the materials we source to our manufacturing processes. By ensuring every piece is produced with the highest ethical standards, we're creating swimwear that not only supports your life, but the planet’s too. 

We believe materials matter. 

SHEILA's luxury recycled nylon, crafted from discarded waste like fishing nets, carpets, and plastics, gives new life to what was once lost. By transforming these materials through a meticulous process of sorting, cleaning, regeneration, and purification, we adhere to the Global Recycling Standard, committing to environmental consciousness with every piece.

Certified confidence in every stitch. 

Our swimwear holds the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification, signifying that every component of our swimwear, from the resilient elastane to the smallest accessory, is tested against a list of up to 350 harmful substances. This rigorous process ensures that our practices are safe for our workers, our wearers, and the world.


At SHEILA, we’re committed to integrity, diversity, and sustainability throughout our supply chain.

Guided by our core values, we strive for total traceability and are dedicated to enhancing the lives of those within our network.

Our journey towards complete sustainability and ethical practices is always ongoing, and we remain committed to making thoughtful, progressive choices for the welfare of everyone we work with.


Sustainably made, luxe-led and real-life inspired.

Experience style, sun protection and sustainability in every single SHEILA piece. Our fabric not only boasts a UPF 50+ rating for added sun safety, but is also crafted from luxury GRS-certified recycled nylon, sourced from discarded materials like fishing nets, carpets, and plastics. This is feel-good fabric, in every way. 

Certified for good.

Beyond the fabric itself, our ethical production standards are a cornerstone of SHEILA’s philosophy. Our STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification is proof: Every component of our swimwear — from the resilient elastane to the smallest accessory — is tested against a list of up to 350 harmful substances. This rigorous process ensures that our practices are safe for our workers, our wearers, and the world. What’s more, after extensive due diligence, including assessments of factories' Sedex Ethical Trade Audit Reports, we chose to partner with a wonderful manufacturer who is genuinely concerned with ethics, sustainability and worker welfare — and whose regular SMETA audit results support this.

Female-owned Australian business.

“I want women to feel confident. Present. In the moment. Un-self-conscious.” These are some of the many reasons our female founder, Clare Barrins, launched SHEILA in 2023.

Whether it's finding confidence in work, life, or swimwear, Clare is driven by the belief that every woman deserves to be in the thick of their life, rather than watching from the sidelines. This ethos inspired her to create SHEILA, and this philosophy is woven into every aspect of what we produce here.

Inclusivity is everything. 

Every body is a good body. Simple as that. That's why we're dedicated to creating swimwear that honours every shape, size and style. At SHEILA, we have something for everyone, designed to support you, strap you in, and ensure you feel secure both in and out of water. Our range features inclusive sizing from AU sizes 6-24 (US sizes 2-20), ensuring that every woman can find her perfect fit.

It all starts with swim shorts.

Creating change means taking steps in a direction no one thought possible. At SHEILA, we’re creating swim shorts that let you surf, splash, sprint and strut, wherever you please. Say goodbye to swimwear that rides up or puts you down. No more wedgies or washed out colours. We’re leading a swimwear revolution from the bottom up, because we believe your swimwear should offer you more: more coverage, more choice, more confidence.