When does Kirsti feel most herself?

Entry #14

When does Kirsti feel most herself?

Posted on Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Navigating self-discovery and authenticity with Sheila swimwear.

In a world saturated with demands — schedules, appointments, obligations, and the endless cycle of striving and surrendering — finding moments for true self-reflection can seem like a rare luxury.

A refuge for self-exploration

Featured in our campaign is Kirsti, a pilates instructor, a mother, and a friend of Sheila. She shares her reflections on what it means to be truly herself. For Kirsti, the essence of being "most herself" is found in the balance of solitude and connection: both in the company of friends and family and in the quiet embrace of her own company.

Sources of rejuvenation

Kirsti's sources of rejuvenation are simple yet profoundly satisfying: a good massage, a hearty catch-up with a close friend, or a well-deserved holiday (somewhere warm, wearing Sheila swimwear, of course!). But on a daily basis, her morning coffee is the ultimate indulgence. That first sip: irreplaceable. And once that almighty caffeine has hit her system, she’s ready to excel: teaching her clients is where she feels most accomplished — making their bodies feel better makes her feel good.

Clearing the mind

"A clean space equals a clear mind," goes the saying, and it's one Kirsti lives by. But for her, certain things surpass even this belief. In Kirsti’s words, it’s the small, intimate moments that truly matter: “My kids' scruffy bed hair in the morning, the first kisses from them after they wake up, good coffee, a good bed, clean hair.” These simple joys, she believes, trump everything else.

These are the moments, the little moments, that make Kirsti feel most herself.

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