Most Myself: A Glimpse into Laura’s World

Entry #13

Most Myself: A Glimpse into Laura’s World

Posted on Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Model, Dancer, Writer: Laura shares her journey to self-discovery.

The world doesn’t stop for anyone. That much is clear. With that, how do we find moments to slow down time? To breathe deep, hear ourselves think, explore within? For Laura, a writer, a model and a ballroom dancer, it begins in solitude. We had the privilege of exploring these concepts with her in our latest campaign, Most Myself.

The solace of solitude

Ever since she was little, Laura felt most herself in her own company. “Reading books, imagining, creating... and sometimes just cooking to jazz music with a glass of wine after a big day of work — I find my own company to be calming, reliable, relaxing, and utterly fulfilling.”

Coming home means lots of things to lots of people, but there is nothing like the delicious warmth that comes with returning home to yourself.

Dancing to the beat of her own drum

As a ballroom dancer, Laura finds her rhythm in dance. It’s in these moments of flow that she feels utterly free. Simple as that. Because sometimes, it doesn't need to be more complicated than moving the way your body tells you.

The road less travelled

Embracing the unconventional — it’s not for the faint-hearted. It takes balls. Gusto. Grit. Self-belief. But for Laura, there’s no other option. “I don't do well in rigid structures. I need to be free, creative, and independent.” Because what she’s discovered about the road less travelled is that while it’s hard to stay on (hello fear and overwhelm), it’s rewarding in a way that no other road is. To be brave is to be most herself.

Joy in the little moments

It can’t all be big, bold moves. Some of life’s greatest joys come from the little moments. For Laura, it’s the good stuff: Feeding others. A hug from someone you love. A cute outfit. Jazz music. A warm breeze. A beautiful landscape. Sitting in comfortable silence. Champagne.

Well cheers to that, Laura.

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