3 Ways to embrace summer self-care

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3 Ways to embrace summer self-care

Posted on Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Your wellness guide to feeling your best this season.

The Australian summer is in full swing. Sheilas everywhere are chucking on their sunnies, whipping their hair into high buns, and diving into the ocean faster than you can say, “Ooft, water’s fresh.” So as work slows, social events pick up, and there's a little more time for self-care, here are our tips for embracing yourself, your health, and your wellbeing these holidays.

1. Morning meditation

“Just breathe,” they say. “It only takes 5 minutes!” We’ve heard it all when it comes to meditation. And while it might not seem easy to fit meditation into your lifestyle, we're here to tell you, it seriously is. Meditation is one of the simplest, most effective ways to improve your mental wellbeing and clarity. 

Just a few minutes a day can make a difference, whether you prefer to use an app like Waking Up, go for a stroll without music, or simply take a few slow, deep belly breaths. Starting your day with meditation, especially during the busy season, is a way to keep yourself grounded amidst the chaos. Even better: if you’re near a beach, chuck on your favourite Sheila swimwear from our collection, sit on the sand, and meditate with the waves in the background. Once you open your eyes, you’ll realise you’re happy you did it.

2. Ocean swims

There's nothing quite like the invigorating embrace of the ocean to rejuvenate both mind and body. Whether you're slicing through the waves with smooth laps, learning the art of surfing, or joining in on a game of Marco Polo with your kids, swimming stands out as a body-loving, low-impact way to get active. The rhythmic movements in the water not only get your energy levels pumping but also leave you filled with endorphins. And let's not forget the added bonus – the saltwater does wonders for your skin, leaving it refreshed and revitalised.

To ensure you can make the most out of your swim time (and not be constantly readjusting your swimwear or pulling wedgies), our Sheila’s swimwear range is here to keep you feeling secure in every way. Our range, designed with both support and flexibility in mind, ensures all you have to worry about is who’s brought snacks (and if anyone brought a speaker?!). For no fuss swimming, you’ll love our Mina One-Piece. 

3. Coastal hiking in comfort

Imagine this: you've packed your essentials: a bottle of water to stay hydrated, your trusty sunnies to shield your eyes from the sun, and a granola bar for that much-needed energy boost. Now, you're all set for an adventure where the only sounds are the gentle rustle of leaves and the distant call of seabirds. Being immersed in nature has a magical way of quieting the mind, offering a serene escape from the daily hustle.

For such a day, we recommend sporting our Nellie Scoop Bikini Top paired with our Alyssa Mid Swim Short for extra coverage. Not only will they keep you comfortable during your hike, but they're also perfect for an impromptu dip in the ocean post-hike. With Sheila swimwear, you can transition seamlessly from trail to tide, epitomising the spirit of adventure with a touch of style. So, embrace the uphill challenges and revel in the views – it’s what the hike (and life!) is all about.

In this summer of self-care, make sure the things you do, whether big or small, nurture you. Because Sheilas need to prioritise themselves to feel and be their best. So, create space, carve out time, and embrace the energy you rightfully deserve.

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