What to Wear Hiking

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What to Wear Hiking

Posted on Sunday, June 9, 2024

Discover what to wear hiking with Sheila’s unique activewear, designed for both the trail and a refreshing swim. UPF 50+ fabrics made for the Australian sun.

At Sheila, we believe in moving and exploring in ways that feel good to your unique body. If you're someone drawn to the mountains, walking up trails, and soaking in the view—but always wondering what to wear hiking—you're in the right place. Our trail-ready and swim-ready swimwear is designed to help you conquer the outdoors in style. Keep reading to find out how.

What is versatile hiking clothing?

Great question. When it comes to hitting the trails, versatile hiking clothing is apparel that ticks all the boxes: comfort, breathability, protection from the elements, and the ability to adapt to whatever you stumble upon. It’s also important your hiking apparel is crafted with UPF 50+ fabric. Found in every piece of Sheila’s collection, it shields your skin from harmful UV rays, so you know the skin that's covered is actually protected, too.

Why choose swim-ready activewear for hiking?

Imagine this: you're conquering a rugged trail, and just as you start to break a sweat, you stumble upon a deliciously serene swimming spot. No, it’s not a mirage. It’s real and calling your name. With activewear you can swim in, you can dive right in without the hassle of changing outfits. The freedom to explore without constraints is a luxury every adventurer (see: Sheila) deserves. When we say flexibility, we don’t just mean stretching far and wide without worry; it’s the ability to transition seamlessly from day to night, indoor to outdoor, and element to element in style.

Ready to hit the trail? Here are our recommendations for ultimate trail-to-water life.

Mina One-Piece

Effortlessly chic and endlessly (and we mean endlessly) versatile, our Mina One-Piece is your go-to for simplicity without sacrificing style. We recommend pairing it with a long-sleeve shirt for added coverage and you’re set. Need more inspo? Check out our Sheila, Nadia Baker’s real-life example of just how adaptable this piece can be here.

Alyssa Mid Swim Shorts and Miranda Long Swim Shorts

Longer length swim shorts are the way to go when it comes to versatile hiking clothing. With UPF 50+ fabric and coverage from twigs grazing against your upper thighs, these pieces strike the perfect balance between being cool yet not too short. You’ll also love the classic high-waisted cut and a smoothing waistband, providing support for every adventure.

Ash Cropped Rash Vest

Hit the trails with Ash, your hiking apparel game-changer. This cropped rash vest doesn't just look good—it performs too. Boasting UPF 50+ fabric and breathable 75% recycled nylon, Ash has your back. Its wide underbust band and integrated shelf bra ensure a snug and secure fit, so you never have to worry about nip-slips or ride-ups. And those optional thumb holes? They keep your sleeves in check as you conquer every peak. 

Sheila Logo Tee

Gear up for your next hike with the Sheila Logo Tee, where 100% cotton meets 100% comfort. This classic style isn't just for brunches or beach days—it's the versatile hiking clothing you’ve been searching for. If you're planning a hike in the sun, we recommend choosing our Cloud Nine colour. This light shade reflects sunlight, helping to keep you cooler by not absorbing as much heat.

Nellie Scoop Bikini Top

Meet your trailblazing bikini top. Designed for adventure, Nellie combines a flattering scoop neck, elegant gold hardware, and discreet foam cups for support on the go. The UPF 50+ fabric shields you from the sun, while the pull-on design and adjustable straps ensure a perfect fit. Ideal for scorching days and spontaneous swims, Nellie is your stylish sidekick for every hike. Our recommendation? Pair with our Miranda Long Swim Shorts, slather on the sunscreen, and you’ll be set to get your sweat on.

Ready to stop wondering what to wear hiking and actually get hiking?

Check out Sheila’s versatile collection, designed for all adventurers—beginners, veterans, and everyone in between.