Karla’s quest for self-exploration

Entry #16

Karla’s quest for self-exploration

Posted on Monday, March 18, 2024

Exploring authenticity, self-discovery and self-expression with Sheila.

Feeling most like yourself can vary by the hour, minute, person, and place. This variability is what makes authenticity so beautiful and intriguing — it has the ability to ebb and flow with time, revealing new secrets if you give it space. We spoke to Karla, a model in our most recent campaign, about her practices for feeling authentically herself, regardless of the day.

Authenticity is everything

For Karla, the quest for authenticity is not about reaching some mythical destination. Instead, it’s a continuous journey that unfolds over time. This holds true for the evolution of relationships as well. “I am someone who values deep, personal relationships but also cherishes my alone time for reflection and creativity.” Feeling most like herself isn't a fixed state; as she explains, “I feel 'most myself' in different contexts.”

From finding joy and relaxation with friends (because there’s nothing like being free to express yourself with people you love) to connecting with her family and roots, to enjoying her own company and connecting to her inner thoughts, Karla says, “For me, each setting plays an important role in defining who I am, and how I feel like different aspects of my true self emerge in each scenario.”

Searching for solace

Are you an early bird or a night owl? Sometimes, it's not so straightforward. Karla finds her solace in both the quiet of the morning, as the world slowly awakens offering a fresh start, and in the calm of the night, when the day's clamour fades and peace prevails, allowing for reflection and relaxation.

Creating confidence, embodying yourself.

“Confidence tends to stem from a combination of self-assurance in one's abilities, recognition by others, and a positive track record of overcoming obstacles.”

Karla shares that her confidence is truly ignited when she successfully faces challenges, reaffirming her capabilities and, most importantly, her resilience. “Naturally, this sense of assurance is buoyed by the presence of encouraging friends and family who believe in me and my endeavours.” Having a supportive network is always a fundamental component of inner confidence. It’s this confidence that propels her into her flow: the moments she’s fully engaged in an activity where her skills and passion intersect, creating a state where time fades and productivity soars.

“Time disappears when I'm doing something I love,” Karla notes.

Distilling it down to the small moments

A quiet morning, a warm cup of coffee, an exchange of smiles with a stranger, or the comfort of a favourite book — Karla often recognizes and finds simple pleasures in small daily activities. “It's often the small, ordinary moments that contribute to a sense of happiness and contentment in everyday life.”

Remember, feeling most authentic is about tapping into your intuition, and really listening to what makes you feel calm, joyful, in the flow, or curious. That’s how Karla does it. And it’s how we at Sheila do it too.

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