Most myself: a campaign of contemplation

Entry #12

Most myself: a campaign of contemplation

Posted on Tuesday, February 20, 2024

A journey of self-discovery, freedom, and comfort with Sheila’s latest campaign.

When do I feel most myself?

It's a question that echoes through the silence of our busiest days and the solitude of our quietest moments.

Times of contemplation are what make us: They set the trajectory of our journey or create a pause when we need it most. The idea of freedom, versatility, comfort and reflection — it's what we're all made of.

It's this sentiment that's at the heart of our latest campaign from Sheila, one we're exploring within ourselves, and inviting others to consider too.

Rejuvenation in reflection

Our adventure began with a simple, yet profound inquiry: What makes up your world? Is it the people you cherish, the places you visit, the routines you follow, the ideas you contemplate, or the things you hold dear? Everyone's answer varies, and it's this diversity that we find so damn beautiful.

Consider the following:

  • What fills your cup, so it can spill over for others?
  • Do you feel most yourself with friends, family, or in your own company?
  • Does the quiet of the morning or the calm of the night speak to you most?
  • What landscapes—mountains, forests, rivers, or seas—make you feel most at ease?

We created our short film "Sheila, Most Myself" to explore these very reflections, diving deep into what makes our essence come alive.

So, what’s swimwear got to do with it? 

Sheila was conceived with a profound belief that swimwear should feel like an extension of oneself—seamlessly integrating into every aspect of your life, complementing each moment rather than complicating it.

Our latest collection, Hot Pink Haze, embodies this ethos. From our classic Mina One Piece style to our high-waisted Grace Mini Swim Shorts, these new arrivals ensure you feel most yourself, embracing both the grand milestones and in-between moments of life. 

Whether you're moving from breakfast to the beach, school pick-up to quick meetings, last minute hangs to dinner and some froyo—our swimwear supports you from land to sea, and back to life again.

To explore our short film, Most Myself, click here.

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