Four Ways to Style Your Swimwear

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Four Ways to Style Your Swimwear

Posted on Monday, May 13, 2024

Discover versatile swimwear outfits with Sheila's ultimate guide on how to style swimwear for beach, brunch, and beyond.

At Sheila, we’re all about versatility. Why? Because we believe the best kind of swimwear outfit can—and should—take you from land and sea to daily life with just a few essential pieces. Ready to explore our swimwear ideas? Here’s how we’d style our pieces based on your destinations:

1. How to Style Swimwear: from Beach to Brunch

Sand to sandwiches? You’re doing life right. Now, it’s all about the transition. Once you’ve enjoyed your beach time and are ready to satisfy your hunger, it’s time to get the most out of your day (and outfit!).

The swimwear outfit we recommend:

  • Opt for our Mina One-Piece as your base layer. It provides the coverage, protection, and stretch you need to move with ease.
  • Pair it with a crochet top overlay or a simple oversized shirt. This adds the desired coverage while allowing your skin to breathe.

Complete the look with sandals in a colour that matches Mina, so you can stroll into brunch and order your smashed avocado (with extra sides) in complete comfort and style.

2. How to Style Swimwear: from Sunset Strolls to Sips at the Bar

You’ve relished the sunset, but you’re not ready to call it a night just yet. We love your style. We’ve crafted the ideal swimwear outfit to keep you comfortable for hours, without any discomfort from clothes riding up or cutting in.

The swimwear outfit we recommend:

  • Our Ash Cropped Rash Vest as your base top, perfect for when the evening chill rolls in.
  • Grace Mini Swim Shorts to maintain effortless style, allowing you to wade knee-deep in the water without a second thought.
  • Then for a seamless transition to evening activities, here’s our handy tip: carry a pair of stretchy flared leggings in your beach bag. Simply swap your Grace Mini Swim Shorts for the leggings while keeping your Ash Cropped Rash Vest on, ready to change scenery with comfort (and flair, literally).

3. How to Style Swimwear: for Errands to Errands to Errands

Having one of those days where your to-do list just keeps growing? We've got you covered.

The swimwear outfit we recommend:

  • Our Mina One-Piece is back for a versatile base.
  • Throw on a denim jacket for a casual, stylish look.
  • Finish with your favourite chunky sneakers for comfort that kicks goals.

4. Meeting for Lunch and then Open Plans for the Afternoon?

We love a spontaneous Sheila. You can only plan for what you know, which is why an outfit that covers all bases means you’re ready for anything.

The swimwear outfit we recommend:

What about accessories?

Ah, the eternal question. When it comes to how to style your swimwear, complete your look with your favourite sunnies, a wide-brimmed hat, and a beach bag. Now you’re all set for wherever the day may lead you.

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