Sheila's journey, one piece at a time

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Sheila's journey, one piece at a time

Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2023

How a bold idea transformed into an unmistakable swimwear line.

Behind every great brand lies a story that ignites its purpose and shapes its identity. Sheila is no exception. Founded in 2022 by Clare Barrins, our brand is more than just fashionable swimwear pieces; it's a movement designed to redefine how women feel, experience, and embrace life.

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The first step.

Every leap begins with a catalyst. Sheila’s inception was driven by two pivotal reasons. Firstly, Clare's pursuit of chic, sustainable, and versatile swim shorts (which hit a very quick dead end). Secondly, the market was dominated by uninspiring swim shorts and board shorts for women that neither catered to a diverse range of sizes nor exuded confidence.

Clare recognised that women deserve to feel a part of the action without reservation, explaining, “I want women to feel confident. Present. In the moment. Un-self-conscious.” Whether it's women hesitating to join girls' trips or mothers refraining from beach play due to self-consciousness, Clare saw an opportunity to empower them. The aim was to infuse them with the confidence to be in the thick of their life, rather than watching from the sidelines.

The birth of Sheila.

Naming a brand is always a challenge, yet Sheila found its name through serendipity. A conversation with a friend sparked the name "Sheila," which resonated deeply with Clare. It wasn't just a name; it symbolised reclaiming what it means to be a woman. The name provided the canvas to create a strong brand voice and creative direction that resonated both with Australians and globally.

This name represented more than itself. It was about embracing life on one's own terms, defying limits, and feeling at ease. Captured elegantly in the brand manifesto, “Sheila is a name, a movement and a way.”

Grace Mini Swim Short - Sheila

The full experience.

The essence of Sheila lies in how it makes women feel. The brand's goal is to boost confidence, cultivate presence, and eradicate self-consciousness. When women wear Sheila's swim shorts and pieces, they're not just wearing fabric; they're adorned in newfound courage, comfort, and an invitation to live life boldly and on their own terms.

But Clare isn't stopping there. Her goals for Sheila are boldly ambitious, just as the manifesto inspires. With the declaration "We're leading a swimwear revolution from the bottom up," we're not shy about redefining the swimwear landscape. Swim shorts for women, Sheila's signature product, are envisioned as a staple in every woman's wardrobe.

Embracing empowerment.

Sheila is all about confidence, self-expression, and embracing life to the fullest—just as much as it is about providing supportive swimwear. With every piece of Sheila's size-inclusive swimwear, a woman is empowered to immerse herself in life's moments without restriction, knowing that she is supported, bold, and beautiful. 

Ready to dip your toes in (or simply dive straight in?) 

Check out our range here and see what all the fuss is about.  

Sheila swimwear — women’s swim shorts for land, sea and life.